New Tips of Hardy Perennials for Shade


Some people think that growing plants in the shade can be difficult or that nothing will grow there at all. There is always a small area next to the shed, under a tree or a darker corner on the Terrace, which feels neglected and unloved due to the lack of sunlight.

With this List, you may be able to find something to fill these positions. We have selected our top 10 perennials for a shade that will thrive and brighten up any dark area.

1. Brunner
Brunnera is a perennial herbaceous plant with heart-shaped leaves and grouped sprays of small bright sapphire flowers that appear in spring.

Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ forms neat tufts of patterned silvery foliage with an interweaving of dark green veins. It will look great in the shade of deciduous trees and shrubs or in a container on a shaded Terrace.

2. Hardy Geraniums
Hardy geraniums are wonderful herbaceous perennials, available in a variety of colors and easy to grow. They form spreading tufts and come back bigger every year.

Geranium sanguineum ‘Pink Pouffe’ has pale pink flowers with darker pink veins. It grows well in partial shade and blooms between May and July. The foliage is a magnificent green and forms a loose bing. The removal of faded flowers and old foliage at the beginning of summer promotes the emergence of new growth, which gives them a fresh and tidy appearance.

3. Hostas
Hostas have gained popularity over the years. There is a wide variety of different colors, shapes and scents of foliage.

Hosta sieboldiana var. elegans loves most soils, but when planted in pots, it requires regular watering. The large ribbed leaves are a fantastic background for the white flower towers. They bloom from mid-May to mid-July.

Hostas are easy to grow and are especially good for covering the soil in shady areas. Snails love to eat, but there are many ways to action snails and slugs.

4. Thimble
Thimbles are a joy to have in the garden! They add height to the planting schemes and give a nice farm garden feel.

The foxglove ‘Excelsior Hybrids’ grows well in shaded areas under shrubs and trees. Pollinators love them with their spotted throat and delicate pink, white, yellow and purple flowers, and they also make a great cut flower. They can tolerate almost any soil, with the exception of wet or excessively dry conditions.

5. Hellebore

Hellebore is a stunning addition to shady sheds and also looks great in winter containers. The brilliant green foliage is evergreen and arouses years of interest. The hellebore usually blooms from December to March.

Hellebore x sahinii ‘Winterbells’ is a fascinating new interspecific hybrid. This hellebore improves every year and is a must for winter and early spring. The first pollinators like them too!

6. Lung ailment
Lungworms create a fabulous vegetation cover in shaded areas.

Pneumonaria ‘Moonshine’ is a particularly pretty variety for its silvery and spotted foliage. It grows well under trees and shrubs. It has beautiful light sapphire flowers all summer long and they are rich in nectar that bees and other pollinators love. A useful perennial plant that can be used in a wooded area or simply in a dark corner of the garden.

7. Fern
Ferns are often considered forest plants that grow in the dappled light conditions of the crowns of Deciduous Trees. There are many different types, but some are especially good for the shade!

Dryopteris wallichiana ‘Jurassic Gold’ has new colored fronds that start with a pink bronze in spring and mature into a beautiful yellow and then green during the summer. Planted in a protected position, it remains semi-evergreen, proves to be robust and easy to maintain. It will also look great as a potted plant on the Terrace.

8. Heuchera
Heuchera foliage is available in different colors and when planted in a semi-shaded position, the colors stand out and make the area shine. Try Heuchera ‘Mosaic’ for its patterned leaves with dark veins on a silver background. In summer, they are pampered with delicate flowers that appear on thin stiff stems.

Heuchera ‘Caramel’ is another beauty with rich orange-pink foliage. Perfect for planting in pots, on borders or in a shady wooded place.

9. Lily of the valley
Lily of the valley is a resistant ground cover plant. It likes to grow under trees and grows well in dappled, partial and full shade. This perennial plant grows well in moist, rich and well-drained soil. Convallaria majalis is a wonderful cut flower. It has delicate arched stems with white bell-shaped flowers.

This small, robust plant requires very little maintenance. It looks great in a jar near a door so that you can absorb the fragrance. Lily of the valley is grown from seeds, which are rhizomes; when planted, a strong underground root system develops.

10. Vinca
Vinca is perfect for planting in difficult areas of the garden where few others grow. Periwinkle thrives in a variety of positions in the garden, especially in the most shaded places.

Vinca minor blooms from May to October with delicate sapphire denim-like flowers and has shiny dark evergreen foliage. It is less vigorous than Vinca Major, which makes it perfect for ground cover in small gardens.

For a touch of bright color, try Vinca Major ‘Varigata’ with its gold-bordered leaves!

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