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Due to the lack of green spaces in urban areas, the concept of a garden with a vertical balcony is slowly gaining popularity among plant lovers. We take a look at some cleverly designed and compact vertical garden ideas and how you can accentuate your own decor

There are many ways to beautify a residential or commercial space. A path runs through a small living room garden and the use of plants that not only add beauty to the decor, but also add freshness to the atmosphere. “Green helps to relieve stress and relax. Plants improve mood and are natural healers. Green walls can be integrated into interiors, Be it an office or a home, to create an atmosphere of happiness, ” explains Pameli Kayal, architect and interior designer.

A vertical garden is a method of growing plants on the walls. It is also known as the green facade or “living green wall”. “The garden with a vertical balcony is not only beautiful and gives a green cover to a sterile-looking wall, but it also helps to use the space efficiently,” adds Priyanka Amar Shah, founder of iKheti.

There are many ideas for a vertical garden if you are thinking of creating one. The easiest way to have a garden with a vertical balcony is to attach plant containers to a wall. Alternatively, a frame can be made with horizontal rows in which the plants can be placed. Vertical garden ideas depend on the available space and whether the wall is on the balcony, Terrace, outside or even in the living room. The wall or frame must be strong enough to support the weight of the vertical balcony garden, especially the larger one.

Outdoor vertical garden ideas

If you want to grow edibles or plants outdoors, make sure that the vertical wall of the vertical balcony garden is outside. The products will always be proportional to the size of the jar.

Interior vertical garden ideas
If you choose a small living room garden and plant indoor plants or air purification plants, the vertical wall can be indoors where there is less sunlight.

“As part of the vertical garden ideas, today there are ready-made frames for vertical walls that are easy to install. All you have to do is put the plants. Herbs such as basil, peppermint, etc., are easier to grow than vegetables. Air-purifying plants such as peace lily, Pothos, ferns and Syngonias are other easy options. Select plants based on the available sunlight in the specific area. If the vertical walls of the small living room garden are high, an irrigation system would be necessary for efficient water use,” says Shah.

To create a garden with a vertical balcony in or around your own home, you need to show a little creativity or enlist the help of a professional gardener or gardener. “If you want to be adventurous, you can opt for plastic bottles, melted light bulbs, photo frames, shoes, etc. as part of vertical garden ideas instead of ordinary clay pots. to make a vertical balcony garden. Ropes, belts, T-shirts and rubber bands are vertical garden ideas that can be used to hang the planters “, suggests Kayal.

Maintenance of vertical gardens
The garden with vertical balcony requires regular maintenance, such as pruning and pruning, to maintain the appearance of the wall. Therefore, one of the ideas for vertical gardens is to opt for low-maintenance plants.

“Alternatively, you can grow plants vertically using hydroponics – that is, grow plants in water. These vertical walls are lighter and are less likely to be infested by pests, as most pests come from the ground. In addition, the water can be recycled. However, the disadvantage of the hydroponic system is that it is expensive, since water nutrients must be added at regular intervals,” says Shah.

Vertical garden ideas for furnishing 

  • The vertical balcony garden should ideally be under a skylight or near a window to ensure adequate sun exposure. Fruits and flowering plants need more sunlight. The lack of adequate sunlight prevents plants from bearing fruit and can inhibit plant growth.

In a vertical balcony garden, arrange the containers symmetrically or in a pattern to make them lush and vibrant. You can also arrange the plants by color.

  • Water, prune and maintain the plants in your vertical balcony garden regularly. The removal of withered and withered leaves and flowers promotes faster new growth. Add fertilizer in the recommended doses to keep the plants healthy.
  • One must be observant about the pest strike. It is easy to control it in the early stages in a vertical balcony garden.
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